About Real Hearings

The Real LNG Hearings comment platform is part of the Real Hearings project.

Real Hearing - 600x600 engagementtoolsRealHearings.org creates accessible, easy to use commenting platforms for organizations working on environment, climate and other progressive campaigns. RealHearings.org is dedicated to openness and transparency in government decision making and facilitates public input to decision making processes.

Our commenting platforms are tailored to suit individual campaign needs. Background documents, images and commenting forms (including cc’s to relevant third parties) are all supported to create a single destination where the public can learn about and provide comment to government on a particular campaign issue.In addition, RealHearings.org commenting platforms allow creation of open, searchable archives of public comments for each campaign.  Once comments are sent to government, we retain a permanent copy to create an accessible record of public concern.

To find out more, visit www.realhearings.org to learn more.